CNC Precision Automatic Lathe


??Thanks to the B-axis control live tool, virtually any angle can be indexed and?processed by NC programs
? Simultaneous 4-axis machining with CAD/CAM
??Completely simultaneous processings are possible between main and?back spindles for complex machining thanks to the Y-axis of back tool?post
??High speed and long stroke machining by the direct drive rotary guide bushing (Option)
??Automatic programming system prepared as standard


Machine tool parameter SS207
Max. machinable dia. φ20mm
Main spindle speed 200~10,000min-1
Back spindle speed 200~10,000min-1
Total number of tools 35PCS
Rapid traverse rate 32m/min( X1,Y1:24m/min, Y2:15m/min)
Main spindle motor 2.2/3.7kW
Width×Depth×Height 2,110×1,200×1,885mm
Weight 3,300kg


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