Precision Thread And Form Rolling Machine


?? In addition to standard 3-axis option of 2-axis NC control unit construction realizes high accuracy and complex thread rolling by simple command.
?? The right headstock realizes stable movement with the high-rigidity linear guides and the large ball screw.
?? Pitch adjustment is easy by NC command.
?? Oil-less construction is gentle for environment, and achieves stable accuracy with less temperature change.


Machine tool parameter R17NC-II?(In-feed) R17NC-II?(Through-feed)
Max. rolling O.D. φ75mm φ40mm
Max. rolling length 150(200)mm 4,000mm
Max. speed 95min-1?
Max. rolling pressure 17ton
Spindle motor 3.0kW×2
Width×Depth×Height 1,986×1,370×1,838mm
Weight 3,200kg


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